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Why Google Ads cost more than Facebook

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In 2010 I served a 2 year mission for my church. My job as a missionary was to find people and convert them, through baptism. There were two ways this was accomplished.     Member referrals: People would tell their friends who were already members they were interested in learning more about… Read more »

How to Use Facebook for Better Business Decisions: My Key Takeaways

Treat your posting efforts as a “greatest hits” content, not a steady publishing effort. You’re trying to identify a “unicorn”, where you can go all-in from an ads standpoint , like Larry Kim likes to say: “With your greatest hits, you might have posts from 2 years ago that are still… Read more »

How to make Facebook work for you – an Interview with Dennis Yu and Logan Young

Anyone who follows you knows about the dollar a day strategy and how to get famous on Facebook, but they may not know exactly where to start. Can you explain your plumbing metaphor? When we talk about plumbing, people think about constructing houses and the pipes that relay water –… Read more »

I have 602 sales reps right now making just over $1 a day

  I’ve spent thousands of dollars over the last year hiring and firing these reps. (If you’re wondering, they’re not from the Philippines.) But before I get into how I actually hire that many sales reps, here’s a bit about them: Most of them make just over $1 day. Some… Read more »