Transitioning to Tuft & Needle from BlitzMetrics

I was co-founder at BlitzMetrics, but had what I thought was a better opportunity at Tuft & Needle, one of our clients. 

Ajay Kandala, who was our contact at the client, snuck me into Tuft & Needle– flying me in a day that Dennis was out of town.

I wanted to ask Dennis what he thought, but Ajay said that I shouldn’t tell anyone, at least not until after I had an offer.

I was also concerned that Tuft & Needle was a Blitz client, but Ajay assured me that people change jobs all the time.

Poaching and non-competes are hard to enforce, anyway. And I should go where I want to go, so if Tuft & Needle was a better opportunity, then what’s wrong with that?

I didn’t tell Dennis until after I had already made all the arrangements. And this is what he sent me below. 

As far as I’m concerned, the truck and jet skis are mine, since our deal was only verbal.  I didn’t sign anything.

I asked one of my favorite voice actors (Peter Kelamis the voice of Goku) what he thought, here is his response.

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