8,056 messages in my inbox and 5,433 are unread: how to handle email overwhelm

We get a LOT of email at BlitzMetrics, as you probably do, too.

Some people throw up their hands in despair with email, saying that people should just call them, if it’s important enough.

Or rationalize not being able to keep up, since if it’s really important, they will try again or call.

Am I saying that you should be on email 24×7 and be expected to respond to every single email at any time, day or night?

No, but you should have a system that allows you to respond to the most important items and also be able to monitor for problems.

We have a system called #DDD for Do, Delegate, Delete, where we handle each email only ONCE.

That means no foldering, partially reading, or starring, or sweeping under the rug.

Handle it right there, push it to someone else to do, or don’t take any action (like reading a note).

If you develop a reputation for not responding to communication, clients and team members will believe you don’t care.

And often they would be right in thinking that, but you don’t want to give off that perception.

I recommend you handle email in batches at least twice per day, in the morning and in the late afternoon.

That way, you can clear out your inbox to inbox zero, instead of just skimming, like most people do.

The #1 way to kill your productivity with email is to have notifications on, whether on your phone or worse, on your laptop.

Sound or no sound, these constant distractions will interrupt your train of thought, killing your focus.

We have a webinar where Dennis shows how he processes nearly 1,000 emails a day.

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