The Magic of Ultra-Specific Facebook Targeting.

Imagine you’re at a Social Media Marketing Conference when you stumble across an old-rusty lamp.

Naturally, you pick it up and give it a rub.


A Social Media genie pops out. “I’ll grant you one wish! Choose any person on the planet and I’ll let you target them on Facebook”.

Who would you target? And what would you say to them?

I’m thinking I’d target LeBron James and pitch him to do his marketing.

But seriously, did you know you actually can target down to just one person on Facebook?

No genies, no magic, no “hacks”. Dennis Yu and I just created a course with Fiverr on Targeting where we SHOW you how to do this.

Plus we teach the most effective way to utilize the 11 different Custom Audiences on Facebook, the 10 types of Lookalikes and the Thousands of Saved Audiences.

We created nearly 3 hours of video content! That’s almost as long as the Titanic!

Fortunately at the end of our course, instead of drowning in a freezing ocean, we just send you some PDFs and Guides instead to help you in scaling your business.

You’re welcome.

Link to the course PLUS a code for discount below. Here’s to making all your Social Media Wishes come true! Use code Learn15WithBlitzMetrics for 15% off

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