How to Speak Publically with No Prep Work.

The “secret” to successful public speaking is to realize that competence creates confidence.

You can try all the tricks to pretend the audience is naked or act like you’re not petrified in front of a bunch of people.

But when you’ve done something thousands of times, the fear melts away.

Dennis and I have spent years doing Facebook ads, like dolphins in the water.

So instead of using PowerPoint, we just log into Facebook and start showing what’s working and how.

Imagine not needing to prepare presentations anymore and not being nervous about speaking?

I’m not a great speaker, so you could probably do better than me.

What I do have is $100 million dollars of ad experience in a company that has spent over a billion dollars with clients.

Share your expertise via your own direct experience and you’ll have the competence that creates confidence on stage!

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