How We Promote Growth at BlitzMetrics Based on Merit.

You’re not supposed to let everyone know what you make and what their co-workers make.

But everyone in our company knows what everyone else makes and here’s why…

We have a leveling system with clear criteria at each level. Everyone knows what level they are at and exactly what they must do to earn their way to the next level.

The levels are public and so is the pay associated with each level.

That way, advancement is fair– based on achievement, not by how long you’ve been at the company, if you’re a particular race or gender, or if someone happens to like you.

But if you publish what people make and don’t have a clear leveling system with specific, provable skills tied to each level, then you invite politics, backstabbing, and all manner of nonsense.

We’ve learned this the hard way– with much heartache over the years by promoting people we like, but who didn’t earn it.

Do you think that having an open pay scale is controversial or is a sensitive topic that shouldn’t be discussed?

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