Why Consistency is Your Friend in Business.

Most agencies and consultants are scared to talk about price.

They tiptoe around it– hope the client will be the first to broach the subject or provide their budget.

And they almost never publish their pricing on their website, since they believe it will drive away potential business who balk at the price or leave money on the table from clients who’d pay more.

Still, others believe price has to be negotiated on a case-by-case basis, since every client is “unique”– we don’t want cookie-cutter, right?

Let me ask you this…

Would you trust a surgeon who wants to do a “unique”, creative, never before tested method on your child or loved one?

How about getting on a plane flown by a pilot who doesn’t have a pre-flight checklist, since they believe every flight is unique– and they want the leeway to make things up as they go?

State your price clearly for what you do, organized by package.

Then DOUBLE your prices– whether by the hour or by the package.

You’re afraid of losing clients, right? Talk to Jeff J Hunter or any of the dozens who have boldly taken this step.

Think of the headaches that you eliminate– you have only so much time, so you’re replacing the nightmare clients to focus on the ones who love you (meaning they pay you well).

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