Marketing is a Long-Term Game.

Are you a short-term player?

Foregoing “process” for “short-cuts”.

We occasionally run across these types of clients. They’re so focused on getting results IMMEDIATELY that when we don’t deliver they fire us.

I’m sorry, but marketing doesn’t work that way.

Check out this analysis I just posted in a thread for one of our bigger clients. I’ve pasted it verbatim.

“Just to give you a little more visibility into how AWESOME our team is performing I decided to look at the same period from last year. Check it out.

Aug 1 – 15th 2018

CPM – $4.97
CPC – $1.95
Clicks – 15,010
Conversions – 590!!
CPA – $49.49
Spend – $29,196

Aug 1 – 15th 2017

CPM – $10.02
CPC – $1.26
Clicks – 18,556
Conversions – 94
CPA – $248.90
Spend – $23,396

We spent 30% more to drive 6x MORE conversions at 1/5 the CPA. By focusing on the customer journey and running engaging ads we’ve gotten more relevancy. This resulted in a lower CPM and while having MORE touches increased our CPC, the quality of these clicks is much higher. Our LP Conversion Rate grew from 0.05% to 3%!”

Marketing is about LEARNING from the data. To go from Metrics –> Analysis –> Action.

This process repeated over time gets results.

Marketing is a maze. Sometimes you have to go down the wrong roads on your way to finding the right path.

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