DOG BITE VIDEO: Half a penny interactions at a whopping 71% engagement rate

“I opened the door, the dog was right there, I mean, it is the most unexpected thing you can think of, this vicious dog comes into your residence to attack you … I had no context. I had no mental preparation for this.”

That’s what we were thinking when a pitbull suddenly charged through the front door of our apartment. It was all captured on our doorbell camera.

The video was posted and boosted on Facebook gaining a 71% engagement rate, as well as a 66% 3 second to 10 second video watch rate.

The video got 20,000 views mostly organic– largely spurred by a combo of organic engagement and paid.

The key targeting was one ad set targeting fans of pit bulls to generate controversy.

Another one targeting the media, so they pick up on it.

We were on the news in hours.

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